In the past when companies like Walmart, Target and Home Depot came on to the seen we at first did not understand how these businesses were going to change the way we do business.  What happened the mom and pop stores started to disappear.  Business that had been around for years disappeared or closed because these box stores made the process of doing commerce more efficient making all the products less expensive to buy.

    Then came the Amazon’s,  Alibaba's and that  that further disrupted the distribution system by making the process even more efficient and further changing the way we do business by doing business on line killing the need for brick and mortar businesses.

   Now we have a new company with a social commerce platform that connects the producer directly to the consumer through a not-for-profit company. This eliminates the need for advertising and a need to warehouse the products eliminating another level of expense and now the profits for each company that would normal go to different levels of distribution  is now shared with the customer. 

    If the information you supplied to get this report is correct then someone will contact you to see whether you are interested in improving your ROI.


   Would improving your ROI be important to your business if it did not require you to do anything different then what you are already doing but just learning a different way of doing it?

   When I first heard about this I thought I knew everything there was to know about doing commerce.   Knowledge is king especially when you find out about a way to do something that know one else is doing.  Then if you shared this information with others you will improve your ROI even more..